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About Us - Our story

BLOX is a brand, that stands for inclusion, curiosity & playfulness, committed to empowering people with the right knowledge & tools to change their lives for the better, maximizing social mobility.

At BLOX we strongly believe that new technologies like crypto currencies, coins, tokens & blockchain create great opportunities for financial inclusion & social mobility. But that there's a huge gap in understanding them & making them easily accessible for everyone to benefit from.

Therefor we believe that the only sustainable way forward is a holistic approach that puts people first, not the bleeding edge complex tech/security/financial skills & language. Our mission is to get everyone on-boarded & included to benefit from these opportunities, not just the tech/security/financial elite.

Together with the community we run an educational movement #weareblox

We organize local meet-ups & events, create easy playful videos & articles about all these topics, projects & the people behind it. To trigger you with curiosity to explore & educate yourself on it. And to get engaged in the community with other people like you.

As a foundation for all our activities there is the BLOX App (iOS & Android).

It puts you central, removing all the barriers for anyone to invest their first 1 EUR in bitcoin, or any other project you got curious about or want to be a part of in less than 60sec. We take care of all the difficult parts.

In a professional & auditable way, we make sure you get access to a wide range of investment opportunities for the best possible prices, while keeping your investments safe. We abstract away all the tech/security/financial skills & language, or the challenges of accessing global/foreign investment markets.

And if you're passionate about it & keep educating yourself to reach enough confidence with all these skills & language, you are free to take over any time, then our mission is fulfilled.