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Terms of Service

Version 1.0.1


Blox: the private company Blox B.V. registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 71663533.

User: the person who uses our services and / or platform.

Order: a transaction for buying or selling cryptocurrencies for fiat.

Stichting 3egelden Blox: the Stichting 3egelden, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 72296291, which is responsible for the management of the funds of the Users.


Art 1. 1.

  1. By creating an account and / or by using our services, the User explicitly declares that he / she:     - accepts all conditions from these terms and conditions;     - is at least 18 years old;     - create only one account and not use or use the personal information / bank account (s) of third parties (such as personal documents).     - is authorized to use all bank accounts to be used (personal or business).
  2. As a User of the Blox platform, you must have basic knowledge of the cryptocurrencies that we trade and operate these products. You are responsible for thinking about the risks and taking measures to mitigate risks.
  3. It is forbidden to use our platform and / or our services for illegal purposes, such as money laundering, tax evasion and trafficking in cryptocurrencies not obtained legitimately.
Rights & obligations Blox

Art 2. 1.

  1. Blox is entitled to carry out maintenance, whereby it is temporarily not possible to use the platform. Insofar as there is major maintenance, in which the platform and / or its services will not be available for a long time, Blox will inform its Users in advance as far as possible.
  2. Blox is not responsible for price fluctuations. The user is aware that acting in cryptocurrencies entails a significant risk.
  3. All Blox recommendations (by telephone, e-mail or information on the website) are given without obligation, informing and without any liability of Blox. Blox does not give buying or selling advice and makes no statements about the expected price or price. Insofar as an employee should do so, this is a personal opinion and the User can not derive any rights from this.
  4. Blox can never be held liable for damage suffered by the User as a result of price fluctuations. Blox is not liable, in any form whatsoever, for any damage caused by non-compliance with these conditions.
  5. In the event of damage in any form whatsoever caused by force majeure, Blox will never and never be liable.

Art. 3. 1.

  1. The user himself is responsible for knowledge of the legislation concerning cryptocurrencies in the country of residence. Users must determine themselves whether the services are permitted locally. Blox has no obligation to investigate or provide information, and therefore can not be held responsible if users violate laws and regulations.
  2. An account including all account details such as username and password is personal and not transferable. It is not allowed to create multiple accounts.
  3. User declares to have filled in all data truthfully. In the absence of which Blox is entitled to immediately cease the service, suspend the account and freeze the assets.
  4. If suspicion or determination that User has used his / her account in violation of these conditions, Blox is entitled to block or delete the account. Conditions may be imposed by Blox on the repayment of outstanding balances.
  5. Insofar as it is no longer possible or possible for Blox as a result of force majeure to continue offering the services, Blox is entitled to terminate the services immediately. All outstanding orders will expire at that time. The credits will have to be recorded by the user, without prejudice to the conditions for the processing of withdrawals.
  6. Upon termination of the agreement, Blox will pay the outstanding balances to the user within no more than eight working days, unless there is suspicion or confirmation of abuse or fraud.
  7. Blox is entitled to refuse accounts without giving any reason and not to process further for verification.

Art. 4.1.

  1. User is responsible for the trades to be placed and / or made by him / her.
  2. Blox reserves the right to correct any errors concerning the system and / or transactions.
Deposit and withdraw

Art. 5.1

  1. Euro payments are accepted by Blox. When paying in other currencies, conversion costs will be calculated by Blox.
  2. Payment will only be made in a SEPA account approved by Blox and in the name of the User.
  3. All withdrawals and deposits within the SEPA zone will be executed by Blox as soon as possible, but at the latest within three working days, to be processed, except in situations of force majeure.
  4. Entering the correct data, such as quantity, email address, correct bank details is your own responsibility, as well as the passing on of changes. You guarantee the accuracy of the information you provide. Not or not timely communicating changes is entirely at your expense and risk.
  5. Blox is at all times entitled to suspend admissions and deposits in the event of a suspicion of fraud and / or abuse until the legitimacy has been demonstrated and / or requested data has been provided.
  6. In the event of an incorrect deposit, for example as a result of an incorrect description or different account holder name, it will be returned. The costs resulting from this incorrect deposit can be passed on to the User. In the event of a bank refusal of a SEPA subscription order, Blox is entitled to pass on all costs to the User.
Stichting 3egelden Blox

Art 6.1.

  1. If the balances placed with the third-party Blox fund can not be paid out as a result of force majeure, such as the bankruptcy of one of our banks, the enforceability of these funds will lapse. Stichting third-party funds Blox will in that case make an arrangement to distribute the remaining funds proportionally to the beneficiaries.
  2. For questions, complaints and / or comments you can contact Blox.
Identification and verification

Art 7.1.

  1. Blox is entitled to reject verifications or to request additional information from the User.
  2. User who is not (yet) identified, has limited rights and is not entitled to withdraw funds.
  3. Blox reserves the right to adjust the requirements for verification and identification. Even if a User has already been verified, additional verification can be requested. In that case, Blox is authorized to restore the account to the unverified status, to block the account or to freeze the funds.
  4. If the User refuses to provide the desired information and / or documents, or at least does not wish to respond to a request for additional verification, Blox will close the account.
AML & KYC Policy

Art 7.1.

  1. In the event of suspicion of criminal or fraudulent acts, Blox is entitled to take mitigating measures and / or take additional measures such as suspending and / or canceling transactions and blocking the User's account. In the event that the legitimacy of User and / or transaction (s) can not be determined, the User's right to the outstanding credits will lapse.
  2. If one or more of the User's funds are seized on the basis of a court order, Blox is entitled to suspend all transactions in the account and to freeze the account until further notice.
  3. User gives Blox permission to do additional screening in addition to requesting the required documentation, such as requesting publicly available data and consulting non-public databases for identification and political involvement data.
  4. Blox is at all times entitled, for reasons of its own, to suspend, refuse or cancel a transaction, to temporarily disable an account and / or to close an account.
  5. In the event of violation of the law by the User, Blox will notify the appropriate authorities.

Art 7.1.

  • a good and secure internet connection;
  • a computer, tablet, smartphone or other device that can be used to connect to the Blox application or website via the internet, which is provided with up-to-date measures against, among other things, intruders, viruses, spam, etc ...;
  • an e-mail account that you only have access to yourself, and via which e-mail account Blox e-mail messages can be received unhindered.
  • Passwords and two-factor authentication data are strictly personal and may not be shared with other people.
  • Blox will never ask the User to provide authentication tools (two-factor authentication and passwords) in any other way than when logging in to the account, making a recording or changing security options. User may never respond to the request to provide these funds, even if Blox's request appears to have originated.
  • If the security measures described in this article are not / have not been complied with, the user is not entitled to compensation. It is up to the User to demonstrate that the described security measures have been complied with.
  • If the user knows or suspects that his / her account details have been stolen or misused, Blox must be contacted immediately.

Art. 8.1.

  1. User is aware of and takes full responsibility for the risks associated with the trade in cryptocurrencies. This includes the absence of guarantees for value and value retention.
  2. The user accepts the special circumstances that may arise in Blox's service via the internet and the (technical) inadequacies that may arise, such as the inability to gain (full) access to the website, application or the account, the failure or failure to timely provide and / or process an order, malfunctions and / or defects on the platform of Blox and / or underlying hardware and / or (inter) network connections and / or software on which the platform is running. Barring Blox's intent and gross negligence, Blox is not liable for these special circumstances, or for the possible consequences of the (temporarily) not or not fully accessible or available Blox platform or account, or in case of delays and / or delays. or malfunctions and / or incomplete operation of the application and / or the website.
Force majeure

Art. 9.1.

  1. Blox is no longer authorized to suspend if the temporary inability to perform has lasted for more than three months. The agreement can only be terminated after this period has expired and only for that part of the obligations that have not yet been fulfilled. In that case, the parties are not entitled to compensation for the damage suffered or to be suffered as a result of the dissolution.

Art 10.1.

  1. Blox does not share user data with third parties, unless it is legally obliged to do so. Subject to this first sentence, Blox does share information with the cooperating partners, which are necessary to be able to offer the services of Blox. Think of sharing information with Payment Service Providers and / or bank partners. User agrees.
  2. All documentation requested by Blox is treated carefully by Blox and Blox undertakes to do its utmost to store it safely.
  3. Correspondence between User and Blox is confidential and may not be published or provided by either party without express permission from both parties, except as provided in this article.
  4. User must agree to the privacy statement of Blox. By using our platform, User agrees with these conditions.

Art 11.1.

  1. For trades, fixed percentages and / or fixed costs are charged to both buyer and seller. Blox is entitled to charge a fee for withdrawals and deposits.
  2. Blox may adjust the fees at any time. The current rates are displayed in the application and / or on the website.
  3. User is not entitled to interest on the funds.

Art 12.1.

  1. Blox has the obligation to respond to your complaint within a period of 4 weeks. Only after this complaints procedure has been completed, however your complaint has not been settled satisfactorily, you are entitled to submit the dispute to the court in accordance with the provisions of Article 20.
Concluding provisions

Art. 13.1.

  1. All disputes between the parties, including those regarded as such by one of the parties only, shall be settled by the competent court of the location of the Blox site, without prejudice to Blox's right to bring the court that is legally or by treaty competent. choose and with the exception of those disputes that belong to the jurisdiction of the subdistrict court.
  2. You agree that Blox keeps you informed of information, for example by sending a newsletter and / or mailings via direct marketing and / or advertising, which may be of interest to you.
  3. The general terms and conditions are available in several languages. If these differences can be interpreted differently, the Dutch text of the general conditions is decisive.